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Mission Event Software

Adventures in Attitudes® Trainer's Kit

Adventures in Attitudes® Trainer's Kit

Sale Price: $445.00


  • gain committed employees, not compliant ones
  • foster communication and teamwork, not control
  • inspire leadership and innovation, not dependency
  • increase positive energy, not stress
  • encourage change, not resistance to it
  • create a climate of empowerment, not power

Give Employees Personal Satisfaction and Professional Success
Adventures in Attitudes provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to:

  • increase self-awareness and affirm strengths
  • transform negative attitudes
  • develop effective listening and communication skills
  • overcome self-imposed limitations
  • improve relationships
  • achieve new levels of performance
  • learn effective approaches to problem solving

The Adventures in Attitudes Trainer's Kit includes:

  • Completely Scripted Facilitator's Manual
    (includes ice-breakers, energizers, and interactive exercises)
  • Participant's Guidebook
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Stopwatch
  • Canvas Bag

An Empowerment Strategy for Today's Workplace
In a national training survey, companies chose what ranked higher: employee aptitude, including hard skills and technical competencies, or employee attitude, including motivation, commitment, and communication. Nearly 60 percent of respondents ranked attitude as the number one priority. Coping with the continuous changes of today's downsized, team-oriented workplace has left many people confused and fearful. As attitudes deteriorate, so do levels of commitment and performance.

Empower Employees to Choose Their Own Attitudes
Adventures in Attitudes® is designed to help people understand that they can choose how to perceive and respond to events around them, and that it's in their control to change a negative outlook to a positive one. By establishing personal responsibility and accountability in the midst of change, individuals learn that passive resistance can be transformed into high-energy performance. Using small-group interactions, shared personal experiences, individual and group exercises, and facilitator-led discussions, Adventures in Attitudes provides a remarkable process for self-discovery.

Discover How Positive Attitudes Create Positive Action
Adventures in Attitudes provides organizations with a time-tested, life-changing human relations program that will:


Adventures in Attitudes® Trainer's Kit
Sale Price: $445.00

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