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I first met E.G. at an Improve Your Sales Performance Workshop where he opened my mind to several opportunities I hadn't considered previously. I would highly recommend him as a Sales Performance Improvement Speaker and Speaker Coach as well. He has a great sense of humor and his presentations are interactive which keep the sessions enjoyable, entertaining and educational. I recommend him with the utmost enthusiasm and I am sure any organization or individual that hires him love his presentation!

~ RB Kirby, Area Director Consultant, South Carolina Low Country at BNI (Business Network International)

E.G.'s style was engaging, entertaining, and highly educational. A workshop that reminded our management team hat everyone is motivated differently and helped us better understand different types of employees and customers with their very distinct varied expectations, behaviors, and communication styles.
Carlotta Ungaro - President, Ch. of Commerce, Beaufort, SC
Improve Managers' Performance workshop participant 
I don't want to say that E.G.'s presentation was informational - it was rather TRANSFORMATIONAL. Now I have a more in-depth understanding of why my employees behave the way they behave, and I can clearly see that they have a better understanding of my communication (and management) style. It definitely changed the whole dynamics of the workplace.

~Michael McKelvey - Chiropractor (and his team) Improve Communication Skills through Understanding Behavior (DiSC) workshop participants, about 45 days after the event

A wonderful learning experience!  I enjoyed learning more about the people I work with and being more open and receptive to [individual] differences.
Catherine Hipp - Director of Tourism, Ch. of Commerce DISC Presentation Participant

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E.G. Sebastian is the author of Communication Skills Magic  (2009), a Certified DiSC Trainer, and a Performance Coach. He is a regular speaker and workshop-presenter at corporate training events, conferences, and leadership events.  

He's most sought-out topics are:

s Improve Team Performance

s Improve Managers' Performance

s Improve Your Sales Reps Performance

s Customer Service Excellence

s Effective Communication

s Conflict Management

s Workplace-Bullyings and other communication & relationship related topics

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Let E.G. Sebastian Help You Improve Team Performance,
Customer Service,
 and Increase Client-Satisfaction & Client-Retention!

  • Help your team better understand their personality style's Strengths & Weaknesses, and improve teamwork
  • Understand the Fours Customer Behavior/Communication Styles & Deliver Stelar Customer Service based on that understanding
  • Eliminate Lateral Violence, Bullying, and other destructive behaviors that negatively affect morale and productivity   (Workshops and/or Coaching)
  • Improve your relationships with your customers, coworkers, and subordinates (Assessment, Workshop, or Coaching)
  • Learn powerful, strategies on how to Attract More Clients with less effort  (12-Weeks Program, Workshop, Group-Coaching, or Individual Coaching)
  • Increase Your Sales Performance by discovering how your personality style affects your sales style; learn to capitalize on your strengths and manage your style's weaknesses (Assessment, Workshop, or Coaching)
  • Learn about the Four Buying Styles and Discover How to Sell to Each Most Effectively  (Assessment, Workshop, or Coaching)
  • Explore how your personality style affects your productivity... and HOW to improve your productivity based on that knowledge?   (Assessments, Workshop, and/or Coaching)

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