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Coaching Skills 101

An out-of-the box approach to support
employee-development and goal attainment

A powerful training program developed specifically for managers and other professionals who work directly with employees in helping them set and accomplish goals. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn personal coaching skills that are used more and more today in the corporate world (and business environment in general) to help individuals set and accomplish goals in shorter time and with less effort.

Duration: 5 Hours


  • Dramatically improved communication skills
  • Increase your effectiveness at identifying clients' challenges
  • Become more effective at finding the motivating factors within your clients
  • Learn tools that will aid in setting desirable goals for your clients
  • Learn to use coaching techniques that will improve clients' likeliness of following through with their commitments towards their goals
  • Learn tools and skills that will aid in helping clients transform their scars into "stars"
  • Participants will learn to more effectively achieve their own personal & professional goal

Points Covered:

  • Brief intro to personal development coaching
  • Three levels of listening
  • Beliefs, Limiting Beliefs, and Values - the breakers or makers of success
  • The life-defining effects of Empowering and Limiting questions and other self-talk
  • Recognizing & eliminating hot buttons
  • Coaching tools: The Wheel of Life, The Ideal Image, Life Plan, Setting "SMART" Goals, Values Assessment, Cycle of change, and more...


  • workbook that includes all points covered, assessments, tools, and resources related to the topic
  • other handouts as appropriate

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