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From Shaking Knees
to Speaking Like a Pro

Easy-to-Apply Strategies to Transform You into The Speaker You Always Wanted to Be

"The best way to sound like you know what you're talking about is to know what you're talking about."  ~Author Unknown ~

Whether we have to speak to a group of 3 people or a crowd of 5000, we all find ourselves in the in situations where we have to speak in public.  At times we represent ourselves, but more often than not, we represent our place of employment or other organization.


Your success and reputation - and your organization's success and reputation - are on the line each time you stand up and speak in front of a group. Your, and your company's success, depends on you. Great speakers know how to command an audience's attention, stimulate their thoughts and feelings, and move them to take action.


This is a must-attend presentation for anyone who has to speak in front of audiences of any size.  Attendees will leave armed with knowledge that will give them the confidence to stand up in front of any crowd and know that they will succeed.

A must attend presentation where you will learn the following:

- How to choose a topic for your presentation

- The 7 step formula to building successful presentations over and over again

- 3 secrets to becoming comfortable in front of any audience

- 3 methods on how to give a presentation without memorizing it

- 5 tips to using PowerPoint effectively

- 10 steps to eliminating your fear of public speaking

- and more.

90-minutes to full-day seminar - customized based on the audience's needs


  • Workbook that includes all points covered, assessments, tools, and resources related to the topic
  • 10 Steps to Eliminating the Fear of Public Speaking laminated sheet

Presenter: E.G. Sebastian (CEC, CPC) - Author of "Communication Skills Magic" & "Back Off! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Eliminating Bullying at Work"

E.G. Sebastian is an international speaker (speaks 6 languages) who addressed audiences in Hungary, Romania, China, and the United States.  He is the president of Beaufort, SC Toastmasters and the past Area Governor (2005 and 2006) of Toastmasters International (Area 14), a non-profit organization that helps individuals develop public speaking and leadership skills.


With his years of experience in motivation, personal coaching, and public speaking, E.G. is the speaker of choice for programs related to personal & professional growth.


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If you have any questions regarding E.G.'s presentations; or if you would like to invite E.G. Sebastian to spice up your next event, Click HERE to contact him!

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